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About the expected results, the next outputs are going to be produced with the development of IBM project:

O1 – Methodological Framework: This first output will be focused on the study of the methodological framework in all countries involved in the IBM+ project as first step previous to the development of the Need Analysis. Also, the training needs of the energy agents for each country will be studied. This report will include all the need analysis per each country of the project.

O2 – Training Plan: This Output will be a document with the training structure resulting from the Output 1 conclusions, analysis on other training plans related to the definition of business models and good practices on the development of new business within the energy sector, as well as the identification of main objectives to improve the energy agents skills in order to redirect their business quickly according to the market requirements. The document will recollect the indexes of training action defined, the objectives of each action, the methods to be used during the training implementation and a calendar with the courses dates.

O3 – Training Materials: Training material for the implementation of courses. This training material will be designed taking into account the results from 01 and 02.